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  • Technological equipment of underground and above-ground reservoirs for filling stations (FS-S)

Equipment of the FS-S filling stations reservoirs is intended for safe operation of the filling stations. Completeness of the set depends on the reservoir location (above ground or under ground) and is given in the Figure. Equipment FS-S for underground reservoir is mounted on the cover of the neck

1.Reservoir -25(10). (Sheet 4 mm).
2.Valve RV-40
3.Suction pipe-line Du-40.
4.Gage surge pipeline with mate flange
5.Angle fire safety device (FSD-50) with mate flange.
6.Pipeline to fuel dispenser.
7.Fuel dispenser.
8.Gage hatch GH-150
9.Surge pipeline
10.Angle fire safety device FSD-80 with mate flange
11.Breather valve CMBV-50
12.Discharge filter DF-II-80-6IT with mate flange.
13.Discharge coupling DC-1.
14.Discharge tank car hose
15.Tank car
16.Tank return main
17.Return pipe
18.Internal check valve CV-100
19.Internal check valve control mechanism CVCM-100
20.Water-and-mud knockout valve.
21.Locking device
22.Stripping pipe.
26.6, 7, 9, 14, 15, 17, 21 are not included into delivery set.
Perfomance specification

laureate of competition 'Visha Proba' Private Joint-stock Company Scientific-Production Enterprise "NEFTEMASH" is the laureate of the All-Ukrainian competition "Visha Proba" in 2000 as manufacturer of equipment for service stations, petroleum storage depots, petroleum and gas processing enterprises.

Enterprise "NEFTEMASH" was set up in 1993 and for today it is one of the largest producers and suppliers of technological equipment for service stations, petroleum storage depots, petroleum and gas processing enterprises in Ukraine.

We have mastered a complete cycle of our products manufacturing which includes scientific developments, casting, machining, welding and assembly operations and commissioning tests.

All products are manufactured according to the valid GOSTs and newly developed and approved engineering specifications.

Annually, the design office offers scores of new products and is engaged in updating products which are in large-scale production bringing their quality to the European level, as well as is always in search of technologies focused on solving the problems with steam recovery and large-scale production of national filling pumps. New production base that is under construction now will be equipped with modern foreign and domestic equipment.

For today, full-scale production of the following items is under way:

  • Unit for top and bottom discharge-filling of tank tracks and railway cistern,
  • Pump units,
  • Discharge filters,
  • Service station point,
  • Tank-cap valves with control mechanisms,
  • Foam generators with foam chambers,
  • Measuring equipment,
  • Dip hatches and sky-lights,
  • Fire protecting units,
  • Check valves, inlet valves, breathing valves, and hydraulic safety valves,
  • Construction of service stations by customer's design.

High quality of manufactured items, realistic prices, flexible system of discounts, possible delivery, guarantees and spare parts.

Shop-Exhibition Center is operating on constant basis.

We have a successfully working wide network of representative offices in many regional centers of Ukraine and the CIS's capitals and in some foreign countries

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