About Us


«NEFTEMASH» Production Enterprise Limited Liability Company («NEFTEMASH» PE LLC) has been established in 1993. Today it is the leading manufacturer of the extensive range of oil and gas equipment in Ukraine. Customers of the Company’s products are the enterprises of Ukraine, CIS countries (Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, and Turkmenistan) and distant foreign countries (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, Lichtenstein, Albania, UAE).

The Company’s success in development and manufacturing of oil and gas products are recognized by the Diploma of All-Ukrainian competition «Vysshaya Proba (Top Class) 2000». Managers of «Neftemash» PE LLC links the Company’s success with its highly skilled employees, many of which previously worked in the defense industry, as well as the constant renovation of basic production assets with the use of high-performance equipment. Integrated modernization of the Company is supported by launching of the new plant on the area of 0.54 ha in Dnipropetrovsk.

Modern Technologies

Today production facilities of «Neftemash» PE LLC include the complex of equipment for complete cycle of the finished product manufacturing – from the development of design documentation, casting and machining of workpieces to assembly, testing and delivery of finished products to the customer.

Constant search, development of new products and modernization of already existing ones, product line expansion, and improvement of product quality are distinguishing features of the enterprise. Specific place in its activity is given to the Engineering Department. Design documentation is developed with the use of the modern engineering programs based on three-dimensional modelling, thus improving the quality of products significantly. Every year the design bureau develops the dozens of new product types and renovates mass-produced items. Production unit, when mastering new products, improves quality of mass products as well. Product quality is a keystone of the company’s business. All products made by the company are obligatorily tested (in 100% volume) according to the standards of the relevant specifications and regulatory documents.

Our Production

The range of products of «Neftemash» PE LLC includes over 240 items. The Company is engaged in production of the equipment which is used for light and dark oil products’ stores, oil refining plants, gas plants and fuel filling stations.

The equipment is produced based on the written request of the customer. Such request should be sent by tel +38 (067) 471-22-22 or e-mail to: peo@neftemash.com, and contain the data below: customer company name, name and quantity of the equipment ordered, and contact details of the customer.

If the customer requires any products differing from those listed in the catalogue, the technical requirements to the desired assembly should be set out in the request (providing a rough drawing whenever required) and the same are to be agreed with the Engineering Department.

Bench Test Equipment

Bench tests valve KDS-3000/500 (part 1)

Bench tests valve KDS-3000/500 (part 2)

Bench tests valve ПО-500СА

Equipment УСН-200

Bench tests valve KDS-1500 (part 1)

Bench tests valve KDS-1500 (part 2)

Bench tests valve KDS-1500 (part 3)

Aspiration telescopic loading device

TLD-300 (1 part)

TLD-300 (2 part)