Supplementary equipment, Tank farm facilities


Пробоотборник металлический ПП-1

Fig. 1. ПП-1.
1-weight, 2-intake pipe, З-body, 4-cover, 5-plug.

Пробоотборник металлический ПП-2

Fig.2. ПП-2.
1-plug , 2-tip, 3-stem, 4-body, 5-cover.

Пробоотборник металлический ПП-3

Fig.3. ПП-3.
1-weight, 2-body, З-clamp, 4-plug, 5-handle.

Пробоотборник металлический ПП-4

Fig.4. ПП-4 (ПП4/2).
1-weight, 2-body, 3-cover.

Пробоотборник металлический ПП-5

Fig.5. ПП-5.
1-body, 2-handle, З-plug, 4-clamp.

Пробоотборник металлический ПП-6

Fig.6. ПП-6.
1-weight, 2-body, 3-plug , 4-handle, 5-clamp.

Пробоотборники ПП
Parameters ПП-1 ПП-2 ПП-3 ПП-4 ПП-4/2 ПП-5 ПП-6
D, мм 60 60 90 116 83 78 47
H, мм 185 443 360 200 250(155) 617 700
Volume ,dm3 0,235 0,7 *) 1,2 0,93 ( 0,5) 0,9 0,385
Weight, kg 0,9 2,1 1 3,5 2,2(1,53) 3 2,0

*) Volume depends on the container installed in the frame of sampling device.


Metallic sampling device as per DSTU 4488:2005 is intended for taking samples of oil product from stationary tanks and transport containers from any horizon, with a view to determining qualitative indices thereof.
Below listed types of sampling devices are available:
ПП-1, ПП-2 – for taking bottom samples (Fig. 1, 2);
ПП-3 – for taking samples to changeable container (for example, bottle) mounted in the metal frame (Fig.3);
ПП-4, ПП4/2 – with extra heavy bottom (Fig. 4).
ПП-5 – for taking samples at various horizons (Fig.5);
ПП-6 – for taking samples from narrow necks (Fig.6).