CBH-80, 100

Equipment filter, Tank farm facilities


Чертеж стояка верхнего налива СВН-80

Note – Various versions of terminal are available (for example, with damper instead of weight and with sealing cover (see Fig. 2), of stainless steel etc.).

Чертеж стояк верхнего налива СВН-80

1-off take-bend; 2-movable bend; 3-drop; 4-clamping device; 5-weight; 6-cock; 7-back valve.

Фото стояка верхнего налива СВН-80, СВН-100
Dimension type


СВН-80 СВН-100
Nominal internal diameter, mm 80 100
Working pressure, MPa (kg/cm2 ) 0,6 (6) 0,6 (6)
Tank car position inaccuracy, mm ±1800 ±1800
Unit lifting and turning force, kg, max. 20 20
Dimensions, mm A 2000…2200 1000…3000
В 2000…2900 2300…3000
С 550… 1000 600… 1300
F 920 1120…1420
Н 1500…3770 1530…3700
Operating temperature, С -40…+50 -40…+50
Weight, kg, max. 324 380
Attachment flange DN80, PN16 DN100, PN16


Top-fill terminal CBH-80, 100 ТУ У 29.1-24607422-003:2007 is intended for loading oil products and other liquids not aggressive towards steel, aliminium an oil-gasoline-resistant rubber, into road tank cars of any type.

When ordering the unit CBH-80, 100, it is necessary to specify the liquid being loaded for choosing the material of sealing cups and rings.