Equipment filter, Tank farm facilities


Комплекс автоналива КАН-8НВ
Автоматизированная система налива КАН-8НВ

1-bottom-fill terminals;
2-top-fill terminals;
3-ten-step stairs.

Technical characteristics of the terminal are given in Table and in Fig. 1.
The area occupied by the unit is 5200 mm (by width) and 4000 mm (by length).


The set of bottom filling of fuel in accord with TU U 29.124607422-003:2007 is intended for remote control of bottom filling of tank cars with light oil products at loading facilities of oil depots and measuring of amount of the delivered oil products in the units of volume (weight), as well as off-take of air-vapor mixture for recuperation, or to flexible containers.

Set of road tank car bottom filling is controlled by computer system of oil product metering.

Composition of the system (to be determined by the Customer):
■ PC and specialized software;
■ Controllers’ unit for regulation of the terminals’ operation;
■ Module of matching with the computer;
■ Tableau on the filling terminal;
■ Electric equipment for the terminal pumps’ electric motor control.

The system represents the most advanced integrated device of oil products’ recording allowing to minimize their losses.

The set includes four terminals of fuel filling from the bottom, two terminals of fuel filling from the top, and two ten-step stairs. Bottom-fill terminals consist of: filter, KM pump, gas separator, meter with accuracy class of 0,25% or, at the Customer option, with accuracy of 0,1%, valve with electric drive, pipeline system, hoses for air-vapor mixture off-take. In necessity, the system of stop valves allows to perform the filling of road tank cars with fuel from the top.

The set also includes the tank car earthing device.

Assemblies and parts of the terminal can be made, upon agreement with the customer, of various grades of steel and nonferrous metals.

Basic parameters and dimensions Standard value
Pump capacity, m3/hour 45
Nominal internal diameter, mm 80
Accuracy class of the meter, % 0,1(0,25)
Viscosity of the liquid, mm 2/s up to 300
Operating temperature, °С from -40 to +50
Power supply voltage of electric assemblies, V 220-380
Current frequency, Hz 50