Equipment to go with racks for tanks, Tank farm facilities


Мостик откидной передвижной МОП-4
Чертеж МОП-4

1-base; 2-guide rails; 3-step; 4-guardrails; 5-damper; 6-stopper; 7-retention pin in working position; 8-stop; 9-chain; 10-adjusting bolt; 11-vertical rollers; 12-support rollers; 13-guard attachment.

Чертеж мостика откидного передвижного

1-swivel guard attachment; 2-guide rail; 3-cap.
Length of guide track LH is specified in the order.

Чертеж откидного передвижного мостика МОП-4


Service folding platform is intended for passage with the use of guide rail along the overpass to the required distance and subsequent transfer of service personnel from the floor of loadingunloading rack to rail tank car of any type, and back.

Technical characteristics, overall dimensions (for reference) and mounting distances, as well as general view of the platform, are given in Table 1 and Fig. 1. Overall dimensions (for reference) and mounting distances of guide rail are given in Fig.2.

L, mm L1, мм L2, mm H, мм Number of steps Load on the platform, kg, max. Dropping angle, deg. Weight,kg
МОП-4 3260 1790 1600 2516 4 120 35 245