CAT-80, 100

Equipment filter, Tank farm facilities


Стояк автоналивной телескопический CAT-80 и CAT-100
Чертеж стояка автоналивного телескопического CAT-80 и CAT-100

1-post, 2-weight, З-vertical bend, 4-telescope, 6,7-filters, 8-meter, 9-electric pump, 10-frame


Telescopic filling terminal САТ-80 (100) is intended for loading and metering of oil products, which are delivered into road tank car, of 0.55…60 mm2/sec viscosity, at loading facilities of oil depots at the ambient temperature from minus 40°C to plus 50°C.

The terminal represents autonomous built-up welded structure located on the frame and allowing to load the road tank car with error of 0,25%. Pivot joints mounted in the line of the terminal pipelines, allow to perform filling at inaccuracy of tank car position of ±700 mm in the radius of 3000 mm with the coverage of 360°.

Terminal CAT-80 (100) complies with TU U 29.124607422-003:2007.

Average service life of telescopic filling terminal CAT-80 (100) is not less than eight years.

Basic parameters and dimensions Nominal value
Capacity, m3/hour 45 (100)
Nominal internal diameter, mm 80 (100)
Viscosity of measured liquid, mm2/s 0.55-60
Type of metering indicator – local Double-arrow with reset to 0
Supply voltage of electric assemblies, V 380
Current frequency, Hz 50±1
Distance from the base of the frame to axis of inlet fitting, H, mm 240 (252)
Overall dimensions, mm See Figure
Weight, kg, max. 650