Tank farm facilities, Drain equipment


Установка нижнего слива типа УСН
Чертеж установка нижнего слива УСН

1-Bearing main nipple;
2,4Movable Nipple;
5-Connecting Head;
6-Balancing Unit.


Loading-unloading device УСН-100 in accord with GOST 18194 is intended for loading/unloading of light oil products through drain valve of the rail tank car. Parts of loading – unloading device contacting the branch pipe of rail tank car are made in spark-proof version.

The device is made with four pivot joints, but it can be also made with five pivot joints.

Devices with five pivot joints allow compensating possible deviations of the axis of tank car drain valve from vertical position, thus improving tightness of connection of УСН device with drain valve of the tank car considerably.

It is allowed to:
a) use the device for loading-unloading of other liquids not aggressive towards steels;
b) produce the device of steel 12X18H10Т.

Nominal diameter (DN), mm 100
Nominal pressure (PN),  MPa (kgf/cm2) 0,4 (4)
Height from the top of rail to foundation, mm 400
Extension of axis of support hinge to connection head axis, mm 3000
Permissible inaccuracy of tank car position, mm ±2000
Angle of rotation about vertical axis of main pivot joint, deg. 270
Maximum force applied to flywheel of the head, kg, max. 20
Slope of movable branch pipes towards the main pivot joint, deg, max. 10
Weight of the device, kg, max. 97